The Cosplay Contest is a competitive event that brings fans and cosplayers together to display costumed skits.
This showcase of costumes and stage talent is open to Cosplayers of all levels and abilities.
Skits range from comedy to dramatic fight scenes and are presented to an audience and judges for awards.


To enter you must possess a ticket to the Wizarding Dayz event the day of the competition.

This is a walk-on only contest. Must follow event’s no weapons policy.

A costume may not be entered in the competition if it has won Best In Show or “Best/1st” Masters at another competition.

(You may enter a “Best/1st” Beginner, Intermediate, or equivalent at the next higher level. [ex: 1st place Beginner costume entered into Journeyman.]


This is your chance to shine and give the audience a glimpse of your character. Each entry will be given 45 seconds on stage.

All skits must be PG and tasteful. No shocking, vulgar, or outright offensive performances.

No pyrotechnics, confetti, glitter bombs, stage smoke, or throwing of items off stage of any kind. If you bring it on stage, you take it off stage.

You may provide your own audio for your performance. Audio may not contain song lyrics. Audio must be sent to:   by July 3rd, 2019 in .mp3 format.If no audio track is sent for your performance the cosplay contest coordinator will provide a random music track for you.


This is where you get to brag about your costume to the judges. For craftsmanship judging you must provide a source material.

A photo, published paragraph, or sketch from the source material of the costume you made.

Purchased, commissioned, or rented costumes may not be entered into craftsmanship. You may have only a part of your costume judged, such as a wig or armor, if you choose.


Beginner (won no major awards)

This category is open to all cosplayers who have not won any major award at any contest.

For craftsmanship, a beginner must have created 50% or more of their costume.

Journeyman (one to three awards)

If you have won Beginner/Novice award(s) at a previous event or have more building experience this is the category for you.

It is preferred that you have created at least 70% of your costume.

Master (3 or more major awards)

If you have won 3 or more major awards or have won a Master Class award in the past this is the category for you.

Farther inquiries please email: competitions@wizardingdayz.com