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What is Magic? Top Secret Magic Class For Kids Ages 7-12

“Magician Jason Fun, from Utah Valley Magic Academy, is excited to present a Fun and Educational Magic Class titled “What is Magic?”! This magic class is an educational magic class where kids learn the real secrets behind magic! In this class, kids will learn that Magic is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math!) Your child will learn several magic tricks that they can do with everyday objects! As a bonus, your child will also receive a Secret File Folder that supplements and reinforces everything that was taught in class! This fun, high energy class is great for kids ages 7-12 years old!”
Cost is $6 per child.
Parents can be seated in the room and watch as you kids learn magic 🙂

Care of Magical Creatures with Creature Encounters!

Join our favorite handlers of magical creatures, Creature Encounters for a smaller, sensory-friendly show of the wonderful creatures that they bring to us each year. A great time to ask questions about your favorites!


Basic Scene Shot Structure and Lighting

We will explore basic scene shot layout. Covering establishing shots, coverage, singles, and moving around the line. We will also cover the primary 3 light setup. And it’s variations.

An excellent class for beginners and older children.


Lady of the Lake

Many works of literary value have mystical resonance as well as historical significance. This class will discuss and discover one of the deepest spiritual, literary, and historical elements of medieval legend, the complex and mystical Lady of the Lake, known by many names in many periods of history. Her literary significance, her magical powers and spiritual evolution, and her conceptual significance in the context of female power, both human and Deific, will be explored in this class. Whether you recognize her as Nimue, Viviane, Niniane, or some other name, you will enjoy this journey of getting to know her better.

Star Wars Comics

Books of the past and how they have influenced the films of today. We’ll be discussing vintage Star Wars comics from the 1970s-80s, and how plot lines from those stories made their way into future Star Wars films.


Fantasy Films of the 1980s and How Far We’ve Come

We’ll be discussing the fantasy films of the 1980s, including but not limited to, special effects, production value, pioneers in the industry, technology, and where this technology has taken us in film today.


Hogwarts in Japan

a celebration of anime inspired by Harry Potter.
You know who else loves Harry Potter?  Japan. Since the books were published, there has been a flurry of anime shows that take direct inspiration from the wizarding world, so much so that they are now their own genre.  Come see what happens when east meets west and magical schools take root in the land of the rising sun.

The Ministry of Magic, How To Design Magical Systems To Use In Your Stories
What rules will your magic follow? Does it have rules? Should it have rules? Who can use it?  What can it do? What is the cost? Come as we peel back the curtain and discuss the nitty-gritty of how you can include magic in your stories, and what it can do.

Would the Weasely’s really be poor?  How magic changes the world forever in your stories.
If you can invoke a house into being, then how would that change the way people live?  If you can grow crops in the blink of an eye, how would that change the way people shop?  Once you introduce magic into a world, it is forever changed. Come join us as we share the secrets of how to create a world with magic that feels genuine and immersive in this interactive panel.

Girls just wanna have fun, how to create Fantastic Females and Hilarious Heroines for your stories.
Sometimes writers struggle when they make female characters, but its super easy once you have been taught how to do it.  Come join us for this fun discussion as we learn the secrets to making heroines that your readers will love and cheer for in your stories.


Build a Hero Workshop.
Learn the steps and participate as we create live from the ground up brand new heroes for your stories.  No coupons needed.

Shot Through the Heart, how to create romance that feels real.
A good romance makes our hearts sing and our souls take flight.  A poorly written romance…not so much. Come and learn how to make genuine chemistry for your characters, and make your readers root for them.

Making Death Matter, why they must stay dead when you kill them in your stories.
What happens when death becomes a revolving door?  Or a waiting room? What happens when it is permanent?  What happens when your readers feel safe, knowing their beloved heroes are protected from any permanent harm?  And what happens when your readers know it might end? Come join in on this important discussion about death in storytelling, and the effect it will have on your readers.

A Superb Case Of Villainy!
Come join us as we celebrate the magnificent bastards, glorious scoundrels, and resplendent rascals that we love to hate.


Game Shows

Harry Potter Scene It Live
Are you a skillful apparition examiner? An up-and coming aurologist? Or maybe you’re just a good old fashioned knight bus driver. Come join us in this live game show where both muggles and wizards will be picked from the audience for the chance to win fabulous prizes and eternal nerd glory,

Harry Potter Wheel of Fortune Live
Are you a brave Griffindor?

A loyal Hufflepuff?

A witty Ravenclaw?

Or perhaps an ambitious Slytherin?
Come join us for this live game show where both muggles and wizards will be selected from the audience to compete for geek glory and fabulous prizes.

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