Wizarding Dayz Art Contest!


Wizarding Dayz 2020 is giving YOU the opportunity to have your art displayed at the event, and perhaps to win some amazing prizes! 

Submit your original art using the links below, and use the hashtag #wizARTingdayz2020.  Guest judges will be announced on Friday, January 10th.

To enter just for exhibition with no consideration for prizes, email us at wizardingdayz@gmail.com


Guy Kidd

Art Contest Judge
Hi! My name is Guy and I’ve been drawing my whole life. I’ve been doing conventions and commission work for the past three years. While mainly a digital artist using my iPad Pro and Procreate, I also have a fond love of watercolors. I love fantasy and comic art and I try to bring the two of those things together in my own work. I love talking about art and art techniques. I am always trying to learn something new about art every day.

Lisa Johnson Hall

Art Contest Judge
I'm a freelance illustrator from Salt Lake City. I got my start selling artwork at comic cons. My husband and I are big D&D nerds. We run Level1Gamers.com, making and selling tabletop and fantasy themed mugs and t-shirts, that takes up a good chunk of time. When I'm not doing that, I am working on custom character commissions and new designs for the website, or hanging out with my three year old son.

Melinda Davidson

Art Contest Judge
I am character designer, storyboard artist, concept artist, comic/children’s book author/illustrator and art director with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I am an artistic chameleon and can draw in many different styles. I've done illustration work for Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, storyboards for Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., prop design for Fox Network’s New Girl, t-shirt design for Naughty Dog and was an Animation Producer/storyboard artist for The Aquabats! Supershow. Currently, I am the Art Lead for Waterford.org where I design interactive activities for children's learning software. Aside from art, I love watching anime and working on old cars.