Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead has done events for over a decade, bringing tens of thousands of people together. She loves the power of fantasy and fandoms to create community, something she spoke on at TEDxSaltLakeCity and in her book: Teen Fandoms and Geek Programs published in 2018.

Laura Higgins

Event Manager
Laura is our new Event Manager. She has extensive experience in event planning, fundraising, communications, and marketing. Having been raised with a love of reading and creativity, she is a self proclaimed nerd who is passionate about sharing her loves with others.

Aaron Yeager

Stage Performance Manager
Author of the Forge and the Flame series, the Isle of Wysteria Series, the Heart of a Traitor Series, Ambrisia, and Kharmic Rebound I've worn a lot of hats. Author, Radio DJ, Pilot, Newspaper Editor, Space Education Flight Instructor, Teacher, Game Show Host, Actor, Ambassador, Stage Hand, Playwright, Salesman, and Director. But of all the hats I have worn, the two that mean the most to me, the two that matter the most, are Husband and Father.

Jon "Ronan" Robinson

Jon have been involved in Wizarding Dayz since it’s inception. He is involved in the cosplay and prop making community. He helped organize the various Cosplay groups and well as the Wizard’s Most Wanted event. Through his company Robinson Creations, he created most of the various big set pieces we have, Including the Round table & Narnia Wardrobe.

Manda Lujan

Authors Manager
Manda is the Logan event Volunteer and Author Oracle. Manda has been with Wizarding Dayz from the first event in 2017. You can find her helping out in all areas of the event.
Stephanie Sutie Stork

Stephanie "Sutie" Stork

Cosplay Contest Coordinator
Stephanie has been staffing conventions and events for 10 years. She has been costuming for over a decade and active in the local cosplay community. As well as being a cosplayer she is also a photographer. She loves being able to help others bring their characters to life! Stephanie loves all types of costumes. When she is not making costumes or editing pictures, she enjoys belly dancing, reading manga and watching anime, and watching cat videos.

Bryan Davie

Ticketing Manager
Bryan has been with Wizarding Dayz since inception. He has also volunteered for other events in the community. When not volunteering he can be found helping people in his community in various ways. He has several different Geekdoms and loves interacting with everyone he meets.

Pat Wright

Vendor Manager
Pat Wright has been organizing and volunteering for conventions and events for 10 years here in utah. He runs Utah Geek Events and loves helping others. When not running an event/or volunteering you can find him working in his yard or traveling.

Tiffany Conger

Floor Performers Manager

Mariah Johnson

Charity Relations
Hailing from Logan, Utah Mariah is our new Oracle over Charity Relations. With 9 years of convention volunteering experience under her belt she is excited to bring her love of fantasy (especially D&D!) to the Wizarding Dayz experience.
Dave McEwen, Idaho Small Business Development Center, Allison Corona photo.

Dave McEwen

Communications and Trivia
Dave is an professional trivia host, author, podcaster, musician, and lifelong geek. When he isn't lecturing in the College of Western Idaho's Business Department, you can find him on the Main Stage, microphone in hand, awarding fabulous prizes in Wizarding Dayz trivia events.